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Our new building has arrived!

With the new facility sections ready and waiting, and the foundations complete, we were anxious to see the building finally take shape on site. This building is an essential part of our strategy to drive down lead-times and meet the long-term growth...

01 June, 2023

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Inside the facility fabrication factory

The new Quantifoil production facility is prefabricated. This fast and efficient technique - with construction underway offsite while the ground was prepared at Quantifoil - means that we will be able to start expanding grid production sooner. With...

10 May, 2023

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Foundations for a new facility

A couple of weeks ago, we were happy to introduce you to our lovely site just outside Jena, where we are excited to be building a new facility that will triple our production space. The extra space will allow us to meet the demand for grids from all...

03 May, 2023

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Building our new home: the first steps

We're very excited about the new facility we are currently building, and we'd like to share with you what's been happening, as the greenfield next to our current building is turned into our new production space. We hope you enjoy seeing the progress...

13 April, 2023

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Quantifoil breaks ground on new production facility

The market-leading manufacturer of cryo-EM sample supports is investing in new high-tech facilities to meet continuing growth in demand.

Quantifoil headquarters, Großlöbichau, Thüringen, Germany (10 November 2022) – The mayor of Großlöbichau, Anja...

21 November, 2022

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Quantifoil recruiting commercial director to keep pace with rapidly expanding market

Quantifoil Micro Tools GmbH in Jena (part of the SPT Labtech group in the UK) is looking for a Global Commercial Director with in-depth knowledge of structural biology, experienced in international sales & management, focussing on Europa, North...

21 February, 2022

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Advanced cryo-EM sample support from MRC LMB to be added to the Quantifoil range

HexAuFoil®is a new all-gold cryo-electron microscope sample support technology that enables movement-free imaging to increase data quality and speed in biological structure determination for drug discovery and basic research. Quantifoil,...

03 November, 2021

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