Self-wicking grids for use exclusively with SPT Labtech chameleon


QUANTIFOIL® Active grids are unique in being the first commercially produced grids with copper nano-wire covered bars to promote thin film formation through a process of “self-wicking”. Brought to you in collaboration with our sister company SPT Labtech, these supports eliminate the variability of using an externally applied filter paper to remove excess sample during blotting.

Only for use in single particle cryo-EM studies with the SPT Labtech chameleon: Automatic sample preparation with chameleon streamlines cryo-EM workflows with high speed blot-free vitrification, automated grid handling, and the ability to screen grids based on likely ice thickness.


  • 300 mesh copper grids with copper nano-wires
  • Holey carbon support film
  • Film Geometry -  ~ 1.2 µm diameter round holes with a ~ 0.8 µm edge-to-edge spacing
  • 50 pack – product code 4150-40001

Contact us for more information about the use of QUANTIFOIL® Active grids for automated sample preparation with SPT Labtech chameleon.