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Market-leading sample supports that enable cryo-EM researchers to optimize data quality.

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Quantifoil Micro Tools GmbH pioneered the commercialization of perforated support films with convenient predefined hole size, shape and arrangement for electron microscopy. Now, with more than 20 film geometries on a full range of TEM grid materials and designs, our diverse range of support foils provides high performance and flexibility whatever your cryo-EM research needs. The growing product portfolio encompasses UltrAuFoil® Holey Gold supports for high-throughput, high-resolution SPA, robust supports with larger open viewing areas for FIB-milling and tomography, and finder grids for CLEM and other integrative methods.

HexAuFoil® ultra-small hole gold supports

Improve every image with these revolutionary new small hole, holey-gold supports that enable zero-dose reconstructions for the first time by delivering movement-free imaging. Our most advanced cryo-EM support for to maximise efficiency for high-resolution structure determination in drug discovery and basic research. The first pre-production batches are now available to order from SPT Labtech.

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QUANTIFOIL® holey carbon film supports

QUANTIFOIL® perforated amorphous carbon support films for transmission electron microscopy have a uniform hole size, shape and spacing ideal for modern automated data collection. Suitable for a wide range of applications including SPA, tomography and CLEM, our carbon films can be applied to a wide range of grids, including finder grids and those with larger open viewing areas.


UltrAuFoil® holey gold supports

UltrAuFoil® ultra-stable gold supports allow better reconstructions from less data by reducing beam-induced motion. The ideal support for researchers wanting to maximise resolution and data quality for SPA, including those utilising high-throughput workflows required for structure-based drug discovery.

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Additional UltraThin Carbon Layer (UTC)

Add an additional ultrathin continuous carbon layer (UTC) to improve particle distribution and quality. The carbon surface adsorbs biomolecules across the entire hole, both improving dispersion and maintaining quality by sequestering the particles away from the destructive air-water interface.

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Conventional and Continuous Carbon-Coated Grids

Conventional amorphous carbon film supports offer a non-uniform hole size, shape and arrangement for a range of applications, including particles of variable size. Choose between continuous, holey and lacey films depending on your experimental requirements.

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SiO2 Films

Extensively functionalizable, our silicon dioxide films offer a glass-like surface ideal for cell-growth. They are resilient enough to withstand the additional manual handling involved with on-grid cell growth, tomography, CLEM and cryo‑FIB.

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QUANTIFOIL® Active self-wicking grids

Self-wicking grids for use exclusively with chameleon.

QUANTIFOIL® Active grids are unique in being the first commercially produced grids with copper nano-wire covered bars to promote thin film formation through a process of “self-wicking”. This novel grid technology removes the variability of using externally applied filter paper to remove excess sample during blotting.

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special treatment

Custom and Special Treatment

Ask us about special treatments to increase beam resilience. Alternatively, learn how to get the benefit of Quantifoil's pre-defined holes sizes and arrangements with the material of your choice.

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