HexAuFoil® ultra-small hole gold grids

The first pre-production batches are now available to order - fill out the form today for better images every time!


We're excited to inform you that SPT Labtech are now making available the first preproduction boxes of HexAuFoil® ultra-small hole gold-on-gold grids. Developed at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK and requiring a completely novel production process to deliver the dense array of 300 nm holes, these grids offer:

  • Virtually movement-free imaging.
  • Consistent, thin (approx 35 nm) ice across 9m holes on each grid.
  • The possibility of zero dose reconstructions for the first time.
  • Improved stability, less re-focusing and faster data collections, due to their dense, hexagonal design.
  • An ideal solution for cryo-EM scientists in industry or academia looking to maximize output of high-quality reconstructions for SBDD and academic research.

Download the booklet to learn more

If you'd like to acquire some of these preproduction HexAuFoil® sample supports, simply fill out the form opposite and SPT Labtech will be in touch very shortly with a quotation.

As the grids will be a pre-production version supplied by SPT Labtech, they may differ in their detailed appearance from the final product which will be available on the Quantifoil website soon. Despite these differences, they will still deliver the expected benefits of the HexAuFoil® technology, including consistently thin ice that enables the virtual elimination of beam-induced particle motion.

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