Foundations for a new facility


A couple of weeks ago, we were happy to introduce you to our lovely site just outside Jena, where we are excited to be building a new facility that will triple our production space. The extra space will allow us to meet the demand for grids from all our customers in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical companies for the next 10 years. And with the cryo-electron microscopy market growing strongly, as the throughput and reproducability of sample preparation and data collection workflows improve, we didn't let the beautiful grass (continue) to grow under our feet. Just a few weeks later, the beautiful green field next to our current home had disappeared entirely, to be replaced by first a mud bath, and then the concrete foundations for our new building. Though the foundations are not quite as attractive as the original field, we like them better as they are an important step in the construction of our new facility that will allow us to continue to produce state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy sample supports!

Current Quantifoil premises in the hills and with a green field adjacent
The beautiful green field next to Quantifoil became a thing of the past.
View of the foundations being dug from the back door of Quantifoil
Instead there was just a big hole and a lot of mud...
Another view of the foundations in progress
From whatever angle you looked.
Aerial view of the completed foundations
Until after a few weeks, the mud was replaced by concrete, and the outline of the new building could be seen from above.
While these important preparations were happening at Quantifoil, more interesting things were happening at a factory elsewhere in Germany. Don't miss the next installment in two weeks' time to see the exciting progress offsite!