Our new building has arrived!


With the new facility sections ready and waiting, and the foundations complete, we were anxious to see the building finally take shape on site. This building is an essential part of our strategy to drive down lead-times and meet the long-term growth in sample support requirements in the cryo-electron microscopy community. The sooner it's complete, the sooner we can triple our production space! When the delivery and installation week finally arrived, it was cold and snowy - but it takes more than a bit of white stuff to stop us! Cranes and delivery lorries began queuing up in the lane outside, while scaffolding went up on site, and before long it was time for the first section to be carefully placed. The rest quickly followed, each precisely positioned in it's specific, planned location. Once underway, the process went smoothly and steadily, and in less than a week the building shell was completed! Watch how it happened in the slideshow below - an amazingly fast and smooth process!

ready for building delivery - sized

With the foundations completed, we were ready and waiting for the delivery of our new building from the factory.

But before any of the building sections could be placed, scaffolding needed to be installed.
delivery of first unit

Soon, the first section arrived from the factory.

Lifted into place

and was lifted into place...

first section being placed

The building contractors positioned it precisely on the foundations...

first section in place
...And we're ready for the next one!
on to the next one

The second section quickly appeared on the next truck and the builders prepared to lift it into place with the crane.

Slotting the next one in

It slotted neatly into place next to the first section, just as planned.

first floor growing with more sections

And so it went on with each section carefully located. The building grew amazingly quickly.

tight fit - they need to be perfectly positioned!
Though, it was a delicate job, with each section being positioned perfectly.
on to the second floor
Nevertheless, soon the ground floor was completed, and the second floor was well on its way. So that in less than a week...
building complete - sized
We had a complete building!

Once the building shell erection was completed, we could immediately start to fit out the inside of the building. Look out for our next blog to see around the inside of our new facility!

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