Inside our new facility




We're delighted to be able to invite you inside our new building for the first time. At the end of our last update we had a beautiful empty building shell. But now, after a very busy Summer of work, the inside is really taking shape. The facility is an essential part of our strategy to drive down lead-times and meet the long-term growth in sample support requirements in the cryo-electron microscopy community, and we're very happy to be able to see our plans becoming a reality. So follow us now into our new building and discover more about how the future of grid production will happen!


complete building from above - sized

By the end of spring, the building  was complete and water-tight, but...

inside the building when it was first built

inside the building was an empty shell. With ladders for staircases and temporary lighting, it was hard to imagine how this could ever become our high-spec new facility!

But our builders have been busy all Summer and things have changed quite a lot since then...

So simple and so important. Just adding walls and doors divides the space and already makes it easier to imagine working here. Doesn't the boss's office have an amazing view?

walls and doors-1


Replacing those ladders with a staircase, means that we can reach the top floor without taking our life in our hands. Almost like a real office!



Our new facility will be high-spec and ready to meet the demands of the future. We'll have green energy supplies and a green roof - but modern buildings need a lot of cabling!



Here's the heated flooring going in. Minimizing energy use means choosing the most efficient heating methods (at the same time as being well insulated to prevent unnecessary heat loss, of course).

heated flooring


One exciting addition to the exterior of the building was the completion of the connection to our existing building. 



We have designed our new facility to maximise the quality and efficiency of production of our world-leading cryo-electron microscopy sample supports. One important feature is our new dumb waiter-style goods lift. This will enable us to transfer grids between different production stages quickly, easily, and while minimizing contamination or damage in transit. 



We hope you've enjoyed your first introduction to the new building at Quantifoil, but lots more is continuing to happen and we're looking forward now to the first equipment being installed - so keep a look-out for more updates!
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