Square Holes


For imaging modalities that require larger open viewing areas, such as some materials science applications or tomography, QUANTIFOIL® Holey Carbon Film supports with square holes can be an excellent choice.  The relatively narrow bars mean that this geometry offers the largest open viewing area of any QUANTIFOIL®.

For samples that may not be stable in unsupported ice, including fibrils or other fragile macromolecular complexes, an thin additional layer of carbon may be added to provide support across the holes. 


QUANTIFOIL® square hole specifications

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QUANTIFOIL® geometry

Hole size (μm)*

Spacing (µm)*

Periodicity (µm)*

S 7/2





Additional Ultrathin Carbon Layer

Improve particle density and dispersion by adding an ultrathin continuous carbon layer to most Quantifoil film supports.

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