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QUANTIFOIL® with Multiple Hole Sizes

A single grid with a range of hole geometries is useful when carrying out cryo-tomography (cryo-ET) or where the sample size may vary unpredictably (for example liposomes). QUANTIFOIL® Multi A offers this possibility, with a pattern of various hole sizes, shapes and arrangements. The regular repitition of the Multi A, in contrast to conventional Lacey or holey supports with randomly varying hole size, allows the user to take full advantage of modern automated data collection strategies. Features include:

  • Oval holes which appear round in tomographic sections with high tilt angles (~70°).
  • Circular holes have diameters of 1 µm, 1.4 µm, and 2 µm.
  • Elliptical holes measure 1 µm x 4 µm and 2 µm x 8 µm.

Additional Ultrathin Carbon Layer

Improve data quality by adding an ultrathin continuous carbon layer to any Quantifoil grid. Read more.

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