Our range of Cryo-EM sample supports

Select the perfect grid for your project from our wide variety of cryo-EM support film materials and geometries.


QUANTIFOIL® perforated amorphous carbon support films for transmission electron microscopy have a uniform hole size, shape and spacing ideal for modern automated data collection.


Better reconstructions from less data with new ultra-stable gold supports that reduce beam-induced motion.

Ultrathin Carbon Layer

Improve particle distribution with an additional ultrathin continuous carbon layer for support. As used for P. luminescens TcdA1 above.

Conventional Carbon-Coated Grids

Variety of conventional amorphous carbon film supports with a non-uniform hole size, shape and arrangement across the grid.

SiO2 Films

Extensively functionalizable, our silicon dioxide films can be used for CLEM, cryo-FIB and materials science applications.

Custom and Special Treatment

Increase beam resilience with special treatment, or get the benefit of QUANTIFOIL® geometries with the material of your choice.


Self-wicking grids for use exclusively with SPT Labtech chameleon.